Arbitration and Mediation

The purpose of this website is to provide free information to anyone about arbitration and mediation. Both mediation and arbitration are legal ways to resolve a conflict without going to court. The rules and regulations of both processes are flexible and allow the parties to a dispute to reach a settlement in a much less expensive and timely fashion than a court of law.

Recently, arbitration has been criticized because private corporations have been demanding that arbitration decisions be private and that parties not be allowed to join class action arbitrations. Many times, the parties enter into settlements that include non-disclosure agreements. This lack of transparency often leads to protecting repeat offenders and results in temporary solutions to serious workplace conflicts. We strongly encourage arbitration users to publicize their arbitration decisions. This will benefit all parties concerned for the reasons stated previously.

Arbitration is popular because it has the reputation of being fair for all parties. Equal justice, however, requires equal access. Consequently, we have done our best to provide arbitration decisions for a myriad of issues. This website will also show a reader how to represent themselves in an arbitration and/or mediation.